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Ultra-Triathlon Hall of Fame:
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Women's World Records


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Dutch Double 1989
Dutch Double 1990
Dutch Double 1991
Dutch Double 1992
Dutch Double 1993
Dutch Double 1995
Dutch Double 1999

Dutch Five 1991
Dutch Five 1994

'Nordkapp-Gibraltar' 1996

The Ultra-Triathlon Hall of Fame

Women's World Record developments

On these pages you will find all the past and present world record times, of all known ultra-triathlon races to date, starting from the double Ironman distance.

The data presented here is copied partially from the "Jahrbuch der Ultralang-Triathlon von 1985 - 1996" (Year Book of Ultra-Triathlon), which is maintained by the German ultra-triathlete Hans-Joachim Dilg.

Double Triathlon

TimeAthleteRace / Year
33:54:00Cheryl Montgomery (USA)Huntsville (USA), 1986
26:33:00Eiko Endo (JAP)Huntsville (USA), 1987
25:58:26Sylvia Andonie (MEX)Lelystad (HOL), 1990
25:14:55Astrid Benöhr (GER)Lelystad (HOL), 1991
23:45:02Astrid Benöhr (GER)Lelystad (HOL), 1992
22:07:00Tina Bischoff (USA)Huntsville (USA), 1994

Triple Triathlon

TimeAthleteRace / Year
51:53:02Sylvia Andonie (MEX)Le Fontanil (FRA), 1989
46:30:48Angelika Castaneda (USA)Le Fontanil (FRA), 1992 (May)
39:51:05Astrid Benöhr (GER)Lensahn (GER), 1992 (August)
38:32:18Astrid Benöhr (GER)Lensahn (GER), 1994
38:09:29Astrid Benöhr (GER)Lensahn (GER), 1995
37:54:54Astrid Benöhr (GER)Lensahn (GER), 1996

Quadruple Triathlon

TimeAthleteRace / Year
72:37:00Sylvia Andonie (MEX)Székesfehérvár (HUN), 1991
59:15:00Astrid Benöhr (GER)Székesfehérvár (HUN), 1993

Quintuple Triathlon

TimeAthleteRace / Year
100:15:16Sylvia Andonie (MEX)Den Haag (HOL), 1991
86:44:37Astrid Benöhr (GER)Den Haag (HOL), 1994

Deca Triathlon

TimeAthleteRace / Year
249:14:52Sylvia Andonie (MEX)Monterrey (MEX), 1992

Fifteenfold Triathlon

TimeAthleteRace / Year
403:01:54Sylvia Andonie (MEX)Monterrey (MEX), 1995

Double Deca Triathlon

TimeAthleteRace / Year
643:01:49Sylvia Andonie (MEX)Monterrey (MEX), 1998

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