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Stichting DUTCH (DUTCH Foundation)

DUTCH (Dutch Ultra Triathlon CHallenge) is a foundation, based in the Netherlands. The goal of DUTCH is to promote ultra-sports, and in particular ultra-triathlon. The first race that was organised onder DUTCH flag, was the 1989 Double Triathlon in Lelystad (NL), which was the first double triathlon in Europe. The seventh - and last - edition of this race was held in June 1999 in Rijswijk.
All races DUTCH has organised thus far have attracted many athletes from all over the world. Each time spectators are impressed by the results. TV and other media have covered most of the races every year. For every race, DUTCH forms a special task group, comprised of experienced people with a background as (ultra-)athlete and with organisational skills from their professional background. All races have been realised within budget and without any commercial goal.

What is ultra-triathlon? Ultra-triathlon can be defined as those triathlon events in which the race distance exceeds the 'classical' Ironman triathlon distance of 3.8 km swimming, 180 km biking and 42.2 km running. Most of the ultra-triathlon races are held over a multiple of the Ironman distance (e.g. double, triple, quadruple etc.).

Thus far, DUTCH has organised:

  • seven double triathlons (1987 - 1993 in Lelystad, 1995 + 1999 in The Hague/Rijswijk)
  • one quadruple triathlon (1988, The Hague)
  • two quintuple triathlons (1991 and 1994, The Hague)
  • one ultra-cycling race, 'Nordkapp-Gibraltar' of 6200 km length (1996)
  • two 24-hour cycling marathons (2001 and 2002, Rijswijk)

Plans for future events
July 5-6, 2003: 24-hrs bike marathon (Rijswijk ZH). Other future races are not scheduled yet.

If you wish to know more about a particular race we have organised in the past or that we have planned to organise in the future: send a mail to Hans Geerts.

DUTCH Foundation:
Board: Peter Verbree (chairman), Hans Geerts (secretary), Renee Mellaard (treasurer), Bas Schrama.
Advisors: Luc Baaten, Martin Feijen.

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