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'Nordkapp-Gibraltar' 1996

DUCR 'Nordkapp-Gibraltar' 1996 was the first edition of the European pendant of the Race Across America (RAAM). With a length of just over 6200 km, DUCR was the longest ultra bike race ever held.
DUCR 1996 attracted 9 participants from 6 different countries. The race started on 14 June 1996 on the Nordkapp island. One participant started in DUCR out of competition because he did not meet the entry criteria on the (mandatory) support crew size. Six of them arrived in Gibraltar just over two weeks later.

The DUTCH Foundation, under whose responsibility the race was organised, has planned a second edition of the race for June 1998.

Official finishers:
Rank RiderTime Time bhd.
1Martin Feijen (HOL)14 days, 21:15 hrs.411 km/day
2Jaroslav Pavelka (CZR)15 days, 00:35 hrs3:20 hrs407 km/day
3Hans-Jürgen Schmidt (GER)15 days, 03:10 hrs.5:55 hrs404 km/day
4Arend Middelveldt (HOL)16 days, 21:35 hrs48:20 hrs362 km/day
5Giovanni Zilioli (ITA)17 days, 05:05 hrs55:50 hrs355 km/day
6Ton Rueck (HOL)19 days, 10:39 hrs109:24 hrs314 km/day

Not Finished:
Klaus Haetzel (GER)Stopped shortly after Benissa (SPA), 5411 km
Ronald Martzloff (GER)Stopped at Asarna (SWE), 1518 km
José Manuel da Costa (BRA)Stopped at Gallivare (SWE), 737 km

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