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DUTCH Five Triathlon, 9-13 October 1991

The first edition of the DUTCH Five Triathlon was held on 9-13 October in The Hague. Ten athletes from all over the world participated in this event, at that time the longest triathlon ever held.
The swim took place in the indoor 50-meter pool 'De Wervel' in Rijswijk. For the bike leg the athletes first went to the bike course of 'De Spartaan' in Rijswijk. Later in the evening, when everyone was on the bike, the race moved to the 'Zuiderpark' in The Hague. The race continued there untill saturday afternoon, when another move was necessary due to the fact that ADO Den Haag, the local first-division soccer team, had a match in their stadium in the Zuiderpark. The remaining athletes of DUTCH Five (four athletes had already finished) moved to 'Zorgvliet' and continued the race there.
The race was thrilling untill the very end. It was absolutely uncertain till the end if two athletes, Ted Epstein and Mariano Lorefice, would be able to finish within the time limit of 110 hours. Especially Mariano surprised everyone time after time by continuously overcoming fatigue and pain, and finished just two minutes (!) before the deadline of 110 hours.

Final standings DUTCH Five Triathlon 1991

Swim 19 km, Bike 900 km, Run 211 km

Rank AthleteTime Swim Bike Run
1Martin Feijen (HOL)77:116:2439:2331:26
2Berthold Mosch (GER)81:188:1041:5031:18
3Søren Højbjerre (DEN)86:437:0842:3137:04
4Erwin Korn (GER)93:586:4444:4042:34
5Janos Meszaros (HUN)98:058:5546:3442:36
6Sylvia Andonie (MEX)100:159:5552:2737:53
7Stefan Schlett (GER)106:019:2055:2741:14
8Ted Epstein (USA)109:169:3254:1145:33
9Mariano Lorefice (ARG)109:586:4153:0550:13
----Michael Roberts (USA)DNF

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