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DUTCH Double Triathlon, 4-5 June 1995

The sixth edition of the DUTCH Double Triathlon was held on 4-5 June 1995 in The Hague, on the same course as the DUTCH Five Triathlons 1991 and 1994: Swimming in 'De Wervel' in Rijswijk, biking and running in the 'Zuiderpark'.
At the start appeared 29 participants. The first one to climb out of the pool was Peter Verbree, in 1:59 hrs. He was closely followed by Rudi Claes (2:00), who almost immediately took the leading position and remained there up to the finish line. Rudi made the best bike and run times (11:17 bike, 8:46 run) and finished in a new DUTCH Double record time of 21:02:58.
Astrid Benöhr was the first (and the only) female participant. Nevertheless, she finished in fourth place overall.

Apart from the solo-event, there was also a team-relay event. In the team-event, teams consisting of two or three athletes also do the double distance, but they are allowed to relay wherever possible (go-as-you-please).
This year there were ten teams at the start: 5 German teams, 4 Dutch and 1 Danish. All teams but the Dutch 'Judgement Day' team consisted of three athletes. As expected, one of the ever so fast tri-teams from Sinzig (GER) won in a tim of 17:29 hrs.

Final standings DUTCH Double 1995

Swim 7,6 km, Bike 360 km, Run 84,4 km, solo event

Rank AthleteTime Swim Bike Run
1Rudi Claes (BEL)21:02:582:00:1811:16:427:45:58
2Visti Petersen (DEN)22:35:092:29:4611:34:148:31:09
3Arend Middelveldt (HOL)23:46:102:39:4812:21:128:45:10
4Astrid Benöhr (GER)24:01:542:37:0413:25:567:58:54
5Norman Schaake (GER)24:10:002:29:2913:10:318:30:00
6Bojan Klotz (GER)24:46:542:36:2613:08:349:01:54
7Martin Feijen (HOL)25:08:132:24:0212:04:5810:39:13
8Jan Maaskant (HOL)25:49:552:48:3312:43:2710:17:55
9Peter Verbree (HOL)25:58:351:58:5613:42:0410:17:35
10Roland Bühler (GER)26:07:172:14:4912:59:1110:53:17
11Rob Thomasse (HOL)26:34:022:12:1514:06:4510:15:02
12Uwe Fiebig (GER)26:44:442:26:3314:03:2710:14:44
13Jan van Kooten (HOL)26:57:542:19:0114:27:5910:10:54
14Uwe Grewe (GER)27:03:242:26:1414:03:4610:33:24
15Hans Geerts (HOL)27:32:152:12:3514:05:2511:14:15
16Uwe Schiwon (GER)28:13:072:09:3314:33:2711:30:07
17Aad Oosterom (HOL)28:42:232:32:3814:18:2211:51:23
18Theo Feijen (HOL)29:05:042:38:0213:47:5812:39:04
19Günter Teichmann (GER)29:07:202:56:1117:09:499:01:20
20Ronald de Ridder (HOL)29:32:552:40:2415:18:3611:33:55
----Mik Borsten (HOL)DNF2:03:0412:27:56
----Guy Rossi (FRA)DNF2:26:0612:52:54
----Vidmantas Urbonas (LIT)DNF2:06:1514:18:45
----Charles Vegezzi (FRA)DNF2:39:2014:26:40
----Perry de Bles (HOL)DNF2:39:4915:14:11
----Ed Forster (HOL)DNF3:29:2215:30:38
----Jean-Paul Ingelbrecht (BEL)DNF2:56:0515:44:55
----Hans Weeber (HOL)DNF2:45:4417:31:16
----Manfred Rau (GER)DNF2:38:12

Final standings DUTCH Double 1995

Swim 7,6 km, Bike 360 km, Run 84,4 km, team relay event

Rank TeamTime
1Bike Team Sinzig I (GER)17:29:29
2Tri Team Sinzig (GER)17:50:59
3Team Denmark (DEN)20:20:33
4Judgement Day (HOL)20:35:18
5Team Ton Rueck (HOL)20:40:50
6Bike Team Sinzig II (GER)20:51:08
7Van Herwerden RAP (HOL)20:53:14
8Beauty and the Beasts (HOL)20:55:44
9Newcomers Helnetz (GER)23:50:44
10Deutschland Damen (GER)25:57:45

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